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Ways to treat your dog's stiff joints

14 November 2017

Ways to treat your dog's stiff joints

Is your dog feeling stiff, favouring a joint, having difficulty with mobility or is less willing to play? Then read on...

First address your dog's warmth and comfort. Make sure their bedding is well padded and away from cold or damp drafts. If your dog has difficulty getting to their favourite places, perhaps a carpeted/padded step or ramp might help. The same goes for the outdoors; your dog may find a gently sloped ramp easier than negotiating steps.

Like a massage? So do dogs! Many canines with stiff joints appreciate a gentle muscle massage. This stimulates blood flow to the affected muscles which means the synovial membrane is exposed to a steady supply of nourishing oxygen and nutrients.

You can also soothe sore joints with a warm compress. But make sure you test the heat on your wrist first to ensure it’s not going to burn your best friend.

Maintaining mobility through reasonable exercise is important regardless of your dog’s age and the extent of their stiff joints. But take it at their pace. A dog with a mild or an early onset of stiff joints can and should get more exercise than an elderly dog with severe cartilage erosion. For dogs that are suffering, try a non-weight–bearing exercise such as swimming.

A natural dietary supplement for dogs can help support normal, healthy function and mobility in stiff or damaged joints. We have scientifically tested the active ingredient in Artevite and it was developed specifically for dogs to maintain long-term joint health. Artevite can be used to support joints on its own or as alongside anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by your vet.