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Putting the bounce back in Bass

14 September 2018

Putting the bounce back in Bass

Leanne Burgess had been taking Arthrem for two years with great success but her beloved older dog was having trouble keeping up with her, so she did something about it.

Bass is a nine-year-old English bull terrier/American Staffordshire cross. She's been part of the family for five years since her original owner passed away and, says Leanne, has the most beautiful nature. “She’s not the type of dog I would have chosen but has turned out to have an amazing personality." Leanne says Bass had limped on and off since she'd joined the household, "like in the mornings, or when she'd had a hard run the day before. And then about a year ago her back left 'knee' got quite swollen. So, we got her x-rayed and it was arthritis. “The vet gave us anti-inflammatory tablets, but they would only give her a week at a time and so we had to keep going back in. It was costing a fortune!" Despite all this, Bass wasn't getting any better. "It was getting to the stage where she'd stand there and look at you as if to go 'Really? Do we have to go out?'," says Leanne.

Then Leanne saw on the Arthrem Facebook page that there was an Arthrem equivalent for dogs: Artevite. Artevite helps maintain normal healthy function, flexibility and mobility in stiff, and worn joints. Just like Arthrem, the key ingredient in Artevite is an extract of the traditional medicinal plant Artemisia annua.

"I thought: Arthrem has worked for me so let's give the dog version a shot,” says Leanne. She started giving Bass two tablets daily, hiding them in her food but that didn’t fool Bass. So, Leanne changed tactics, giving them to Bass as a treat when she left in the morning. The ruse worked: “She'd take them like that, whereas before she'd nudge them around in food and push them aside.”

It took about two weeks until Leanne noticed a difference - and what a difference it was. "Two months since we started, when it's time for a run, she's just out the door and she's gone. The other week, I took her around to the park and she started barrel-rolling, which she hasn't done in eight or nine months. She'll take off and she'll do this big barrel roll and flip back up on her feet. There’s no doubt that the Artevite is working!”

Leanne says Bass is more inclined to want to go out and play with the other dogs she sees. Before she started to take Artevite, Bass would get quite snappy, especially if they got down around her back leg. These days she is far more inclined to have a run with other dogs that come up to her. The improvement hasn’t been just out in the park, but in Bass's overall quality of life, Leanne says. When her joint had first become inflamed, Bass had obsessively licked it in response to the pain – so hard and so often that she created a sore that wouldn't heal. That stopped once the Artevite began to work.

It's worth noting that Bass's two-tablet dose is a reflection of her weight. She might be a sweetie, but she's a solid build and weighs in at just under 30kg – that’s a lot of weight to go on a sore leg. Leanne regrets that Artevite wasn't around for her last dog, a little Jack Russell. "I wish we'd had it with him, because he went downhill really quickly and nothing really worked for him." Thankfully it’s there for Bass and it has made such a difference that Leanne is recommending Artevite to friends who have dogs. "I recommend the human one to everybody as well, so it’s great to be able to have a dog one to recommend too!"