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Opal enjoys retirement thanks to Artevite

15 December 2017

Opal enjoys retirement thanks to Artevite

Opal is a 13 year old black Labrador who spent seven years working as a guide dog. Now in her retirement years she had been feeling stiff and sore in her joints.

Opal’s owner Rene de Wit trained her as a puppy and now that her work is done, she has returned home to him and his family.

A good natured girl who loves to be active and play, Opal’s stiff joints flare up some days, bringing down her mood and energy levels. When talking about walks with Opal, Rene reflects that, “some days she’s ok, but some days she’s just not up to it.”

As the CEO of Promisia (the company behind Artevite), Rene was lucky to be one of the first to test Artevite to see how much difference it makes in dogs. Opal enjoys taking Artevite either on its own or with her food.

Opal has been completely transformed by Artevite. Before René began working for Promisia, he lived in Auckland. So, he currently lives in Wellington during the week and pops home to Auckland on the weekends. This puts Rene in a unique position to see Opal’s leaps in progress each week.

“On the first weekend I went home, I didn’t notice any difference in her. However, on the second weekend I was so surprised. She was a completely different dog.” – Rene de Wit.

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