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Meet Minnie the Dachshund

08 August 2018

Meet Minnie the Dachshund

Meet Minnie the Dachshund. She’s a bundle of cuteness but has had her fair share of challenges.

When Minnie was five she came down with a genetic condition called Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). One day she was fine then over a two day period she progressed to the point where she couldn’t control her bowel movements and reached stage five IVDD; she was given a 50/50 percent chance of walking again.

Minnie took her first two steps after a successful spinal surgery (conducted at Massey in Palmerston North) and came home three weeks following. She slowly regained her movement in her hind legs but was a little slumped and wobbly. According to the vet, this was about the best that she would be in terms of mobility and posture.

Then Minnie began taking Artevite. She was given one Artevite tablet a day and her movement and stamina improved. She began standing taller and can now walk for longer without getting tired. She also appears to be less stiff as she gets out of her bed.

We’re looking forward to hearing what Minnie gets up to as her mobility improves! A special thanks to Andy for sharing Minnie’s journey and if you have a similar story we’d love to hear it.

Minnie gets to go on walks and play dates thanks to the Wellington Dachshund Walking Group. Check out their Facebook page >>