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Fun ways to get fit with your dog

14 November 2017

Fun ways to get fit with your dog

Research shows that canine owners are 34% more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week than people without a dog. Here are some more fun ways to get fit with your dog.

Dogs make the best workout partner as they never complain about hills or cancel on you last-minute. They're always stoked to follow you out the door and that energy can be contagious. Research from Michigan State University found that canine owners were more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week than people without a dog. But if you’re a bit sick of the same old walk around the block after dinner, here are a few ideas to get fit with your dog.

Some people like to take their dog out for a gentle bike ride in the neighbourhood. This activity is easy on your own joints while being a more intensive exercise for your dog.

A high energy workout may help with behaviour problems if your dog is showing these. Many issues such as aggression or anxiety come from dogs being full of energy and not having enough exercise in their routine. During the workout, the brain stimulates serotonin, enabling your dog to relax.

For something easy on your dog’s joints, try yoga. Dog yoga is very similar to the stretches your dog already does as they wake up. The key to dog yoga is helping them find more poses and it’s a great way to bond while keeping active and being gentle on both of your bodies. Dog massage can easily be included and while you're there, this is a good opportunity to do a regular health check, feeling for any lumps and bumps.

Help yourself and your dog to keep cool this summer and go swimming together. If you’ve never been swimming with them before, take it gently as dogs with shorter legs have a harder time than bigger dogs. Just ease them into the water, give them lots of encouragement and never leave them unattended.

Living in New Zealand we’re lucky to have great walks around the country. Just remember to check to see if your dog can join you as many areas are off-limits to dogs for fear that they will disturb livestock, attack wildlife, or be exposed to other risks. 

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